Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bee Wellness Inc.(Gym)

Bee Wellness for Older Adults and People with Rehab Needs
3680 Roblin Blvd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 0E1

Phone:  204-832-2077 (office), 204-794-8756 (cell)



We specialize in Rehab and Wellness Programs. Stroke revover, 1 on 1 rehab, pre and post knee and hip rehab and many other rehab needs. Functional group fitness classes and various yoga programs.
Winnipeg’s first Older Adult Wellness and Rehab Facility operated by Candace Swick - Functional Older Adult Rehab Therapist. As an accredited facilitator she provides specialized programs for the older adult population. She is located in South West Winnipeg, in Charleswood. This newly opened site provides programs to clients in River Heights, St. James, Headingly, Charleswood and Ft. Gary. There are people now coming from the Osborne area as well. In Candace’s words she says this independent site allows me to fulfill my dreams to help the older adult population to stay Functional within their community.”

Based on her own training and certification both in Canada and the USA, she felt confident that she could now provide a much needed service by opening her own older adult facility. Her company “Bee Wellness” offers various programs for those of all needs and who want to remain in their community and still maintain their independence. All programs are adapted to meet each person’s individual needs. Candace and her instructors offer such programs as;

- Functional Fitness

- Functional One on One Rehab for people who need to work on the following areas;
o   Balance
o   Stroke recovery
o   MS
o   Parkinson’s
o   Pre & Post Knee, Hip and Shoulder rehab
o   Osteoporosis and Arthritis

- One on one Rehab for those who need to work on recovery of their body to get back to a
functioning state

- Wellness Programs: Tai Chi and  Yoga Zumba

- Community and Long Term care programs

- Bee Wellness is now recognized by MPI
- Bee Wellness will be doing pilot Wellness programs in the Fall of 2013 for
  “Caregivers and their family member”

Here at Bee Wellness we provide a family atmosphere that allows people to feel that they are welcome and belong in this “SAFE” “WARM” environment. As Candace continues to say, “My dream and goal is to keep as many older adults active and functioning!” This will help them live a longer and more vibrant life in their community. So when people say “Thank you Candace”, we can move way better or we can now lift 8 pound weights instead of 3 pound weights, she knows she is well on her way to achieving her goals and dreams.

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