Monday, September 10, 2012

Driver Safety Concerns

1. If you are concerned about someone's driving in Winnipeg, Manitoba due to a medical condition (including mental and/or cognitive fitness), you can report the potentially unfit driver to his/her doctor.

2. The doctor can then report the individual to the Department of Driver Fitness, Driver and Vehicle licensing with a Mandatory Reporting Form indicating that the person should not be driving pending successful completion of driver testing. The form would be forwarded to:

     Department of Driver Fitness, Driver and Vehicle Licensing

     Phone:  204-985-1900
     Fax:  204-953-4992

3. In order to report someone (family member, neighbour or other) anonymously and directly to Driver and Vehicle Licensing, you will need to provide documentation (a letter) to: 

    Department of Driver Fitness
    234 Donald Street, 
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    R3C 4A4

    Include the following:

-The driver’s name, birth date, home address, phone number, so they can contact the driver.

-State your concerns regarding the drivers medical issues (including mental and cognitive health) related to driving.

-Stress you would like to keep this request anonymous. This anonymity is held up in court.

-Sign the letter with your name, and phone number. They will need to call you to confirm.


Also check out these 60 Second Driver Tips from Manitoba Public Insurance:

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