Sunday, January 27, 2013

Senior Care Pharmacy Practice

Mathilda Prinsloo, B. Pharm, CGP
Independent Consultant
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Phone:  204-996-3741



A Senior Care Pharmacist, also known as a Geriatric Pharmacist, is a member of the health care team with additional training and special knowledge of the unique health and medication needs of seniors.  The Senior Care Pharmacist takes the following 5-step approach:  Interviewing the patient and/or caregiver in his/her setting; Gathering relevant information (including information from other health professionals) and completing an assessment; Meeting with the patient and/or caregiver for a second time to discuss the findings and mutually decide upon priorities and how to proceed; Following up two more times in whichever way is deemed appropriate.

Mathilda makes house calls (mobile service), and although her service is not covered by any program, the fee is tax deductible.

Senior Care Pharmacy Practice
Proud member of Quality Senior Services:

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