Sunday, October 18, 2015

Care Trak Systems Inc.

Care Trak Systems Inc.

Care Trak International
1202 Walnut Street
Murphysboro, IL 62966 USA

Phone: 1-800-842-4537 Or 618-687-3505
Fax: 618-687-3539


From the website:

Our goal at Care Trak is to save lives. Care Trak created telemetry based tracking for people at risk in 1986. Since then our equipment has located thousands of Alzheimer’s wanderers and children with special needs such as Autism, Down syndrome and other conditions and brought them home safely.
Care Trak Systems are telemetry based.  Telemetry is radio waves much like your local broadcast radio station sends a signal to your car or clock radio. Since the radio signal goes through most walls, you have the ability to locate your loved one in a building. The telemetry signal goes through most objects and the sensitivity of Care Trak telemetry creates pinpoint accuracy. You can locate a lost person up to a mile day or night, inside or outside 24/7.

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