Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Driving Assessment and Skills Upgrade

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Lou Gervino Driving School
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ph: (204) 960-6515
email: lgervino@yahoo.com

Are you concerned about your driving? Has anyone else told you they are concerned?

It's hard to admit when your driving skills may need some fine-tuning or a check-up!  Plus, you may not want to seek help because what if your driving skills aren't up to par and you are afraid of being reported and losing your license?

Contact Lou Gervino for a CONFIDENTIAL driving assessment. Trust him to give you an honest and professional evaluation of your skills. If he feels some areas need to be worked on, he will suggest more driving lessons so that you can improve or correct your weak areas. Lou is not legally bound to report your driving assessment results to anyone.

If you are not ready to hang up the keys yet, and you want to stay safe (and keep others safe, too), call Lou. He says if your skills don't improve with lessons, and the police or someone else reports you to Driver and Vehicle Licensing, you may end up having your driver's license suspended. He says it's better to be proactive and get an assessment and some driving lessons. This will help you be a more careful driver and may keep you on the road longer. 

Get a confidential professional assessment and help now, before you may be involuntarily drawn into the motor vehicle branch system. An assessment and a few lessons now may prevent that.

Lou Gervino Driving School - https://sites.google.com/site/lougervinodrivingschool/

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